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Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is a cylindrical-shaped bag typically made of canvas, nylon, or other durable materials. It features a large main compartment for storing clothes, shoes, and other personal items. Duffle bags are known for their versatility and are commonly used as travel bags, gym bags, or weekend getaway bags. They often have handles for hand-carrying and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Some duffle bags also come with wheels for added convenience during travel.

Tablet Stand

A tablet stand is a device designed to hold tablets in a stable and ergonomic position. These stands come in various styles and designs, including adjustable angles and heights. Tablet stands are commonly used to facilitate hands-free use of tablets, making them ideal for activities such as watching videos, video calling, reading, or working. They can be used on desks, tables, or even for entertainment purposes on beds or sofas. Tablet stands are popular accessories for enhancing the usability and comfort of tablet devices.

Selfie Stick

A selfie stick is a handheld device used to extend the reach of a smartphone or camera for taking self-portraits or group photos. It typically consists of a telescoping rod that can be extended and retracted, along with a mount or clamp to securely hold the device. Many selfie sticks also feature a button on the handle that allows users to capture photos remotely. Selfie sticks gained popularity with the rise of smartphone photography and are commonly used in various settings, such as travel, events, and social gatherings, to capture wider angles and include more people in photos.